What Is Life Like in Knaresborough

This conversation is now closed but the results are outlined below and you can access the full survey outputs here.

What’s most important in making Knaresborough an even better place to live and work…

There is genuine consensus amongst those taking part in our first Knaresborough Voice conversation. Over 80% of respondents agreed that we needed more opportunities for young people; that the town should welcome diversity and everyone’s contribution; that there was a need to fill the gaps in our town centre offer; that our pavements needed to be kept tidy and safe; and that we needed to make more of the York Road car park.
Statements reflecting these sentiments were the top 5 out of 116 submitted by you and voted on by 135 people casting nearly 5,700 votes. But there’s a lot more! We’ve made the full results of the survey available to everyone here so that you can make up your own mind about what matters.
There was one area that clearly divides people, and that is the matter of Market Place Pedestrianisation. We know that this issue is inextricably linked to the availability, accessibility and affordability of parking places and that there’s a delicate balance between meeting the needs of local residents and visitors. We hope that despite this divide there is enough in the survey to build understanding and perhaps over time a consensus about how we want to see our Town Centre thrive for everyone.
What are we going to do with these results? Well, they’re out there and in your hands so perhaps this is about empowering you and giving you a voice for the issues you’re passionate about. But we are also keen to see Knaresborough Town Council take note of these findings and to work with the organisations who are supporting this initiative to respond as appropriate.